Exclusive Opportunity To Access My Secret System of Videos, “Cheat Sheets”, and ‘How To’ Master Digital Marketing…Everything Business Owners Need To Win More Customers

From: Carl Duncker, Co-Founder and CEO of BeSmartDigital.comdigital marketing expert

Date: Monday, September 8th, 2014 (insert today’s date)

If you want to access my library, it will cost you £1.00. Less than half the cost of a Starbucks.

That’s the upfront and honest truth. Still with me?

Good, Because Here’s The Really Good News…

In return for your £1, I am opening up access to my private library of digital marketing ‘how to’ courses to UK business owners and managers only.

It’s my “secret garden” of little known digital marketing tricks and secrets…a complete digital library of tips, tricks and techniques that will make you a master of digital tactics that will drive new customers to your websites and your social media channels.

And I’m giving you open and complete access…


…(whilst pulling your business into the digital revolution)…

I’ll explain in a moment, but before we start, here’s something for you to think about…

Is Your Company Losing In The “Digital Age?”

Feel overwhelmed?

Your customers are on social media but you don’t know where to start?

Your competitors are overtaking you with their digital marketing and advertising?

Don’t worry, I don’t ask this to hit a nerve…but because I know that many business owners feel frustrated too. I know this because for many years I felt the same. Testing, learning and experimenting to keep ahead of all the innovations and changing ways in which businesses were finding customers.

It exhausted me, and my bank account.

Back in the day, when marketing was simpler, mailing out a few flyers and placing a few ads got you where you wanted. But as marketing got more ‘technical’ and went online I had to learn new skills just to keep afloat. The world changed and I had to too.

So Do You Know What I Did?…

I got busy learning and mastering every key digital marketing strategy I could possibly learn (that’s a lot of tricks and techniques) and I started building my own personal library of marketing videos for myself and for my marketing team.

That collection that includes:

  • For those new to marketing online a “How To Master Social Media For Business” Beginners Tutorial…
  • Businesses which use AdWords can reduce their budget and increase their click-through with my 9-Point AdWords Optimisation checklist…
  • For business owners wanting laser-targeted campaigns which reduce your advertising costs my ‘show and tell’ Facebook course (including screencast videos and examples) will have you creating your first Facebook Ads in minutes. (I was amazed at how quickly this was set-up). Also…
  • Do you sell to businesses? My step-by-step training delivers a 12-point crash course on how to use LinkedIn Ads and how to create company pages which set you apart from the competition…

…and we’ve only just got started!

My secret library gives the business owner a step-by-step implementation plan on almost every critical digital marketing strategy today and I’m adding to it all the time (At the last count there were 21 “how to” video courses on almost every aspect of promoting your business online)

Then I started using this tutorials as my own training library for my digital team who create advertising, campaigns and digital marketing systems for our clients…

I was skeptical at first: I was unsure how effective and simple to use my video tutorials would be to others who needed the knowledge but hadn’t been involved in its creation.

The Outcome Was Better Than I Expected

My town now have everything they need to master almost every aspect of marketing…

  • They have step-by-step instructions…
  • They have videos…
  • They have action points…
  • They have “crib sheets”
  • They have best practice guides

Without pushing the point too far, they have the ultimate digital marketing training system.

And here’s what you need to know…

The science bit:  These procedures are useful to the vast majority of business owners. Clearly, how much you benefit depends upon how much action you take and a hundred other factors outside my control. Your results are unpredictable and you need to understand that.

How To Access My “Locked Vault”

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”, Erasmus said.

And in the world of digital marketing, I have to say I agree.

You see, the fact is that 99% of business owners don’t know where to start. Even the littlest knowledge applied gives you an advantage. And I’m giving you a whole depository of knowledge that you can pick, choose, and action as you see fit.

Remember, no-one but my team and I have accessed these tutorials, checklists, “crib sheets” and ‘how to’ guides. They’ve been kept on lockdown.

They are the “competitive advantage” to our digital marketing business….

…Your “Competitive Advantage”

But I’ve decided to do something completely crazy.

I’ve told my team to open up access to other business owners and managers.


…and provide “open access” to business owners, entrepreneurs and managers.

We’re calling it the “Ultimate Digital Marketing Training”, because that’s what it is: A vault of all the digital marketing training you’ll ever need…that grows with the marketplace.

As a “Gold Member,” you have access to everything…just don’t tell your competitors.

And when we know there is a trend your business needs to be part of, we learn it, master it and transfer this knowledge onto you. Each month you’ll get additions to your library expanding your knowledge and guiding your implementation with ”bite-sized” tutorials.

Here are just a few of the modules you’ll access as your membership progresses…

  • 7-Step Proven Method To Copywriting For The Web That Instantly Improves Your Conversions And Gets You Started Quickly
  • 11-Step Autoresponder Set-Up That Automates Your E-Mail Campaigns And Captures Your Prospects E-Mails And Contact Details (so you can contact them, upsell and cross-sell again and again!)
  • 9-Step Twitter Advertising Campaign Creation That Instantly Takes Your Audiences Contact Details (removing the need for opt-in boxes)
  • 7-Part Website Optimisation Series That Gives Business Owners The Best Chance To Be ‘Google-Fit’ And Rise Up The Rankings!

…and that’s not all!

These digital marketing masterclasses work for every type of business that wants to get ahead of their competitors in the digital age…

But what if your have local customers too? What if you don’t want to only be seen online but want to dominate your local marketplace as well?

If you are a business owner that serves your local community, then you’ll love our local online marketing tutorials too. There’s the…

  • 12-Step Action Plan for Creating The Perfect Google Maps Listing and Be Seen By Buyers Searching In Your Town Or City
  • 9-Stage Process for Launching a YouTube Business Channel and Creating Videos To Boost Your Ranking In Local Searches
  • 7-Step Google Maps Optimization To Increase Visibility
  • 12-Step Process for Writing, Printing and Promoting a ‘Lead Magnet’ Printed Guide To Capture Buyers and Start Building A Business Relationship

This digital marketing training is unquestionably the DIGITAL ADVANTAGE that business owners and managers can take advantage of – and move your business forward.

And if you’re looking to move your advertising spend online… good news…we have masterclasses on how to advertise on all the mainstream marketing channels too.

As a “Gold Member”, you’ll receive these advertising masterclasses…

  • 16-Step ‘Point and Click’ Facebook Ad Campaign Creation
  • 9-Step Process For Creating Your First Twitter ‘Lead Generation Card’ To  Advertise In Front Of Your Competitor’s Customers
  • 12-Step Guide To Using LinkedIn Ads Correctly (most businesses pay too much for their campaigns, by the way)
  • 9-Step Google AdWords Optimisation To Reduce Your Cost Per Click And Increase Your Click-Through-Rate

And again, your library continues to grow month by month with masterclasses like these!

So to be clear, you receive instant access to your first month’s videos and materials and your library continues to grow with further modules each month (currently 22 and growing!)…

Get in at the start and keep pushing forward..

Join Business Owners Just Like You…

As a digital marketing practitioner, I’ve helped busy business owners like you take advantage of the digital revolution. Whether with a website build, social media campaign, classroom training or advertising campaigns. By joining today, you’re walking the path other business owners have explored with me privately.

My private clients include:

  • The CEO of a business training brand (now celebrating its 10th year)
  • Owners of a local home services company…
  • A leading management coach of FTSE 100 directors (established as number one for their chosen keyword)
  • A fitness coach…
  • One of the most influential CEOs in the UK legal space (who can be seen on Sky News and BBC)…

…and they’ve all come from:

  • Start-ups and new companies
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Local, ‘brick and mortar’ business owners
  • National providers of consulting services
  • Leading lawyers (yes I know) and…
  • Long-established CEO’s

And once you join you’ll enter a process that imparts the knowledge these business owners have paid a decent fee for.

But fair warning: You’ll need to action the recommendations we put to you.

Ultimate Digital Marketing Training Is OPEN

Let’s remind you what you’re getting…

  • My Digital Marketing Library (all my in-house digital marketing training modules delivered to you…all the key skills your business needs to master…)
  • Monthly “Step-by-Step” Video Tutorials (progress your learning as it builds each month and mastering new skills that move your business forward…)
  • Follow through with step-by-step Action Points (so you implement and have your business benefit financially ), and…
  • Subject “Crib Sheets” and checklists (that summarise each module concisely)…

You Get EVERYTHING – For A Full 30 Days – For Just £7

Yes, you read that correctly…

You get instant access for £7. That’s less than half the price of a Starbucks.

Am I Trying To Bribe You?

In this case…YES

As a business owner, I don’t need to tell you that there isn’t any profit in £7 (unless you’re one of those high street stores).

But I would like you to see, use and utilise your training – and see it make a difference to your business.

If you do that, FANTASTIC!

If not, then let’s go our separate ways and no hard feelings.

But I’m so convinced that you’ll feel it is of value that if you cancel within 30 days, you’ll get your £7 back.

Value what you see and have it work for your business (I’m highly confident you will), you’ll be renewed as a Gold member at just £97.00 a month.

I think you’ll see the that as great value…

…especially when you compare it to what some ‘gurus’ deliver as a membership – it’s heads and tails above any other marketing program on the market.

If you aren’t totally satisfied that this is the best marketing program in it’s class, I’ll happily help you find an alternative that works for you elsewhere.

Because that’s how confident I am.

So hit the Instant Access button below, and let’s get you started…

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See you on the other side,

Carl Duncker

Co-Founder and CEO,