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Hi everyone and welcome! I’m Carl and I’m your host for this course on ‘How To Build Your Social Media Strategy’. As a business owner myself, I began to learn the importance of social media about five years ago. Back then I learnt the strategies myself and it took a lot of testing, trying and sheer hard-work to make things happen. Now, however, I am going to give you the key process you need follow to make social media work for your business.

I’m excited to share these strategies in easy to follow bite-sized pieces so you can implement these in your business.

So let’s get started!

– Carl Duncker

1. How To Build A Social Media Strategy 

Master these 7 key steps and your social media will be relevant, engaging and help grow your business.

If you missed it the first time, here is your Social Media Road Map

2. Your Personality and Values 

Please download your brand personality worksheet.

Brand Personality Worksheet

Once you have completed your worksheet you will be better prepared to communicate your values, personality and mission through your social media. 

3. Benefit From Your Competition 

The most important document in this training series is your Strategy Workbook.

Download your Strategy Workbook.

Within this spreadsheet you will record your competitor research and detail your posting strategy. It will become your internal procedure for your social media program.

Download now and before continuing with training.

4. Your Social Media Posting Strategy 

5. Using Images In Social Media 

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Please use our social media image sizes cheat sheet – yours to download and print.

Save time and hassle with our image size design guide here for you to download

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